The 24th International Conference on High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Physics (HMF-24)  is held as a virtual event by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) during 4-7 July 2022, as a satellite conference to the International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors, ICPS-2022, 27-30 June 2022, Sydney, Australia. 

Conference Focus:  New physics of semiconductors in high magnetic fields and newly emerging 2D systems in high magnetic fields. 

HMF-24 offers multichannel conferencing in order to cover more academic institutions in China and surrounding regions with an aim to attract more attendees to this virtual event. The number of participants in first day online program is  amazing!

Scope: Covering traditional and new topics on fundamental and applied semiconductor physics and related areas where high magnetic fields play a crucial role. HMF-24 welcomes related topics on physics at zero magnetic field, embracing newly emerging 2D materials with new optical, electronic, spin and valley physics in graphene, TMDCs and various van der Waals semiconductors and heterostructures.

Topics: Quantum Hall effects – Quantum wells, quantum wires and quantum dots – Topological matter (topological insulators, Dirac- and Weyl materials) – 2D materials (Graphene, TMDCs and others) – Quantum anomalous Hall effects and quantum spin Hall effects – Bulk semiconductors and semimetals – Spin-related phenomena – Organic conductors – Electron correlations and magnetic-field driven phases – New techniques in high magnetic fields




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